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Instituto de Investigación Sanitaria Galicia Sur


The Group of the Galicia Sur Health Research Institute led by Eva Poveda is a multidisciplinary group integrated into the AIDS Research Network (RD16/0025/0026) that integrates physicians, microbiologists, pharmacists, and biologists of Galicia with extensive experience in the development of research projects at national and international level in the field of HIV infection and other viral co-infections (eg HCV, HBV, HPV).

The group develops research projects related to epidemiological, clinical, virological and pathogenic aspects of these infections.

The main lines of research of our group and in collaboration with other national and international groups are:

1. Molecular epidemiology of HIV infection including prevalence studies and characterization of drug resistance.

2. Impact of antiretroviral treatment (ART) on different aspects of the clinical evolution of patients, including residual viremia, co-morbidities and levels of activation/inflammation in HIV infection.

3. Pathogenesis of the infection: study and identification of markers related to the pathogenesis of viral infections and their impact on the evolution of the infection.

4. Anal and cervical screening for HPV infection.

5. Epidemiology and clinical aspects of co-infections with hepatitis B, C and delta viruses.


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Eva Poveda
Hortensia Álvarez
Manel Crespo
Ana Mariño
Luis Morano
Lucia Patiño
Guille Pousada
Nieves Valcarce
Antonio Aguilera
Antonio Ocampo
Alexandre Pérez
Sheila Castro

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