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Hospital Universitario Son Espases (Mallorca)


The research group of the CORIS Hospital Son Espases-Son Llatzer Hospital is a group that has been working together since 2003, with Dr. Melchor Riera as the principal investigator. We are integrated in the Spanish AIDS Research Network (RIS), PISCIS and other European HIV research networks, we are part of the IDISBA HIV-infectious infection research group.

We use a joint platform as a clinical manager for monitoring patients with HIV infection called eVIHa that allows us to monitor daily clinical events related to HIV infection, antiretroviral treatments, against HCV, prevention, etc. These data are transferred to CORIS (currently only in the HUSE), PISCIS and other international cohorts.

In relation to HIV infection, our main lines of research are related to:

  • Lung infections, pneumococcal infection and vaccine responses to pneumococcus.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Studies of comorbidities associated with HIV infection, mainly chronic obstructive disease-emphysema, chronic hepatitis C virus.
  • Studies of the quality of care indicators in patients with HIV infection.

As clinical researchers we have contributed to the conduct of clinical trials promoted by GESIDA, and commercial laboratories. We have also tried to collaborate in the elaboration of the assistance guides sponsored by national and international study groups.

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Melchor Riera
Francisco Fanjul
Mercedes García
Javier Murillas
Antonio Payeras
Helem Haydee Vilchez

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Related Assets


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