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null Retrovirus and Zoonoses Research Group
Hospital Universitario Parc Taulí (Barcelona)


The team belows to the Retrovirus and Zoonoses Research Group of the Instituto de Investigación y Innovación Parc Taulí del Hospital Universitario Parc Taulí (HUPT)-UAB.  The team is taking part of the Spanish Research Network on AIDS since the beginning of this Network. It allows to carry out multi-center projects and take part of national and international cohort (CoRIS, COHERE, ART-CC, HIV-CASUAL), and with international groups from around the world

The research lines in which we are currently working are:

  • HIV in elderly patients. Study of the epidemiological clinical characteristics of elderly HIV + patients comparing them with young patients and normal population. The population of elderly HIV-infected persons was increasing and presented differential clinical and epidemiological characteristics that, to a certain extent, were explained by the diagnostic delay observed in this age group. Special emphasis was placed on the need to raise awareness among health personnel in order to avoid this diagnostic delay. Continuing in this group of patients we have been interested in the early diagnosis, the study of cell aging and the fragility of this group.

  • Neuropsychological alterations in HIV patients coinfected with hepatitis C virus, brain damage in HIV patients. Neuropsychological alterations in patients chronically infected with the hepatitis C virus and observation of changes after curative treatment with direct antiviral agents.

  • HIV and coinfection with hepatitis C virus, patients treated with new hepatitis C drugs, evolution and clinical epidemiological characteristics

  • Clinical epidemiological follow-up of HIV / AIDS infection with participation in the Spanish CoRIS cohort and in the Catalan PISCIS cohort.

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Gemma Navarro
Mª José Amengual
Manel Cervantes
Marta Navarro
Sonia Calzado

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  • El tratamiento con sustitutivos opiáceos y el consumo ocasional de drogas no comprometen la eficacia del tratamiento de la hepatitis C con pautas libres de interferón en coinfectados por VIH y VHC. 
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