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Cohort studies, early and advanced HIV infection, Tuberculosis and other opportunistic infections, clinical trials, solid organ transplantation.

Our team is currently working in the following research areas:

  1. HIV adult cohort studies. Dr. JM Miro is coordinating with Dr. Jordi Casabona the PISCIS cohort study which is including consecutive antiretroviral naïve and experienced adult patients from 15 Catalonian and Balearic Island hospitals since 1997. Research is focused on epidemiological and clinical studies. The PISCIS cohort is participating in the following international cohort studies: COHERE, ART-CC and EuroCOORD. In addition, our team is participating since 2004 in the RIS-Biobank. 
  2. Early (acute/recent) HIV infection. The research is focused on epidemiological studies of transmitted drug resistance (TDR) and in clinical trials with new antiretroviral drugs and/or immune modulators trying to change the natural history of HIV-infection. The Hospital Clinic PHI Cohort was created in 1997 and it has a biobank of biological and tissue samples since 2004. This team is coordinating the PHI-IMMUNOMEDIATED clinical trial and is participating in the following international trials: SPARTAC, MARAVIBOOST and ChAd-MVA.HIVconsv-BCN01 VACCINE. 
  3. Advanced HIV infection. The research of this lines is focused on immune reconstitution studies evaluating the efficacy and safety of different antiretroviral regimens in very advanced antiretroviral naïve patients (CD4<100 cells/mm3) and in evaluation their impact on bacterial translocation, inflammation and coagulation. This team is currently coordinating the ADVANZ-3 Clinical Trial. 
  4. Tuberculosis and other opportunistic infections. Dr. Miro is coordinating with Dr. Joan Caylà the Tuberculosis (TB) Trials Consortium (TBTC) Site 31 which is participating in clinical trials of treatment of latent TB infection and TB disease with the aim of shortening the duration of both treatments for full susceptible isolates and in trials forf MDR-TB treatment. The team is also participating in the TB-HIV EuroSida cohort. In addition the team is doing studies on Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia (PCP) and toxoplasmosis.    
  5. Solid organ transplantation. This team is coordinating the liver transplantation program in Spain and is doing studies in patients with kidney, combined kidney-pancreas and heart transplantation. These studies are focused on waiting list prognosis, mid/long-term survival, management of HCV recurrence and anti-HCV treatment, hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), infections, rejection, efficacy and safety of antiretroviral therapy, PK interactions, neoplasms and retransplantation at national and international levels. In addition the prognostic factors of patients with end-stage liver and renal (dialysis) diseases is also analyzed

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José M. Miró
Fernando Agüero
Juan Ambrosioni
Carmen Ligero
Christian Manzardo

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Related Assets


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