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Coinfection with hepatitis B or C, Pharmacokinetics of antiviral agents
Our research group has been working in this field for the last 12 years, focused on two topics of HIV reseach:

  1. Coinfection of HIV and hepatotropic viruses.
  2. Pharmacokinetics of antirretroviral agents.

Although sometimes the research have been exclusively in one of both topics, there are some projects which include differents aspects of both fields.

Coinfection of HIV and hepatotropic viruses  
Our group has been involved in pivotal studies from more than 10 years ago including clinical trials comparing standard of care vs new approaches for the treatment of hepatitis C in HIV patients as well as new non-invasive tools for the assessment of liver fibrosis, pharmacokinetc studies of antirretrovirals in coinfected patients, toxicity of antiretrovirals and drugs for HCV therapy,…etc.

Pharmacokinetics of antiretroviral agents  
Like in the first topic we have been actively engaged in this topic including studies focused on the main pharmacokinetics aspects of antiretroviral agents with special attention to those with clinical implication in general HIV population and in pregnant women. We have funding supports from several public agencies: Mainly FISS and FIPSE and also from majority of private laboratories of antiviral agents.

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Josep Mallolas
Pilar Callau
Montserrat Laguno
María Martínez
Amparo Tricas

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Related Assets


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