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null Josep Mallolas

Hospital Clínic - (Barcelona)
Hospital Clinic (IDIBAPS)

Professional experience

Josep Mallolas

Works as a Coordinator of the Day Care Hospital which takes care of more than 3000 HIV infected patients and about 1500 of them coinfected by HCV.

Main areas of personal interest: HIV-HCV coinfected patients and antiretroviral therapy especially focused on pharmacokinetic and resistant studies.

Current category: Senior Consultant in Infectious Diseases.

Academic position: Associate Professor or Medicine. Faculty of Medicine. University of Barcelona.

Titles: Medical Doctor: Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, 1983. Physician Doctor: Universitat de Barcelona, 1990.

Publications: Books (Chapters): 16; Articles: International Journals: 140, National Journal: 90; Congress Comunications: More than 220.