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null Oscar Brochado

Centro Nacional de Microbiología (Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid)
Unidad de Infección Viral e Inmunidad

Professional experience

Oscar Brochado

Graduated in Biology by the Complutense University of Madrid.
Since 2017, I have been part of the Viral Infection and Immunity Unit at the National centre for Microbiology. I began working in this unit while completing my final master's project focused on hepatitis C virus (HCV) and microRNAs, under the supervision of Dr. Amanda Fernandez Rodriguez. Under his direction, I started working on massive data analysis (bioinformatics).
In 2018, I started my PhD (Integration of massive molecular techniques for the study of liver disease in patients infected with HIV and hepatitis C: identification of new biomarkers) directed by Dr. Salvador Resino García and Dr. Amanda Fernández Rodríguez. This work gave me the opportunity of develop and apply my knowledges of biostatistics and bioinformatics on HIV/HCV coinfected patients. During these period, I have participated in the design and discussion of statistical approaches to analyze different variables such as cell subpopulations, plasma markers and RNA-s, among others.