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null Unit AIDS Research Network Cohort (CoRIS)
Centro Nacional de Epidemiología (ISCIII)/Centro Sanitario Sandoval, Madrid


The AIDS Research Network Cohort was established in 2004 together with the HIV Biobank. These platforms are unique data resources that enhance the knowledge about HIV and provides information to answer research questions about the epidemic.

The CoRIS coordination centre is at the National Centre of Epidemiology within the Instituto de Salud Carlos III campus in Charmartín, Madrid. The coordination team is a multidisciplinary group of 15 professionals: epidemiologists, statisticians, clinicians, pharmacists…

CoRIS main objective is to collect information about HIV positive patients to study the epidemiological characteristics, the infection progression and its determinants as well as the treatment response and its influencing factors.

CoRIS follows up more than 12.000 HIV positive persons from 45 health centres and hospitals in 13 regions in Spain, which facilitates a close follow up of the epidemic in sociodemographic and clinical aspects.

CoRIS is organized around three structures:

  • Coordination centre: Organizes and coordinates data collection, supporting hospitals in these procedures and facilitating data treatment for statistical analyses and articles’ writing.
  • Clinical centres: hospital and health centres. They collect the information and biological samples. They formulate research questions.
  • CoRIS Scientific Committee: Its members decide about the cohort scientific development. It also evaluates applications from research groups that need to use CoRIS data in their projects.

CoRIS is actively involved in international groups and networks such as:

  • HIV-CAUSAL collaboration.
  • ART Cohort Collaboration.
  • ECDC (European Center for Disease Control and Prevention).
  • IeDEA International epidemiology Databases to Evaluate AIDS.
  • Anti-HIV Drug Resistance Network.

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Inmaculada Jarrín
Julia del Amo
Belén Alejos
Oscar Ayerdi
Juan Ballesteros
Jorge del Romero
Asunción Díaz
Luis Miguel García
Victoria Hernando
Carlos Iniesta
Cristina Moreno
Julián Alexander Portocarrero
Teresa Puerta
Carmen Rodríguez
Marta Ruiz
Nieves Sanz
Inés Suárez
Marta Rava

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