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null HIV/AIDS Team
Hospital Universitario Mútua Terrassa (Barcelona)


The “HIV/AIDS Team” is a multidisciplinary group that since 2007 is part of the Spanish HIV/AIDS Network, under the leadership of David Dalmau, member of its Executive Committee. The team includes clinicians with extensive experience in HIV care, nurses, one epidemiologist as well as a two biologists.

The main research areas of interest, some of them in collaboration with other national and international teams, are:


  • Cardiovascular risk: clinical, biological and genetic characterization, as well as some surrogate markers (Carotid ultrasound measure and vascular stiffness) to determine cardiovascular risk among HIV patients.
  • Neurocognitive impairment: in collaboration with neuropsychologists and neurologists we are performing studies trying to identify parameters (neurocognitive performance, immunological and genetic parameters, plasma and CSF biomarkers) involved in the major risk of neurocognitive impairment among HIV-infected patients.
  • HIV/HCV co-infection: role of the co-infection on certain comorbidities associated to HIV and identification of virological and immunological parameters of therapeutic response.
  • Chronic immunoactivation studies: identification of the potential role of soluble biomarkers (monocyte activation, CRP, IL,…) and cellular biomarkers (monocyte/macrophage phenotype,…) and their role in certain HIV-associated comorbidities. 

2.Antiretroviral Resistance (AR):

  • Primary and secondary genotypic and phenotypic AR to different drugs.
  • Minority variants studies (Ultra Deep Sequencing)

3.HIV Epidemiological studies, in collaboration with SEISIDA and CORIS:

  • HIV early detection
  • Health professionals training 
  • Quality of life
  • Patient’s empowerment

4.International Cooperation:

  • HIV vertical transmission
  • Training courses for health professionals
  • Neurocognitive impairment studies
  • Comparative studies on HIV-late diagnosis between sub-Saharan and European countries.

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David Dalmau
Noemí Alonso
Mireia Cairó
Roser Font
Laura Ibañez
Àngels Jaen
Xavier Martinez-Lacasa

Related Assets

Related Assets


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