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We are the Spanish Network for AIDS Research, a network of researchers working to improve the health and quality of life of people living with HIV. Contribute to avoid new infections and to eradicate the epidemic it´s our great objective.

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Our work is based on four principles:

About us
Our work is based on four principles:

37 research groups across all the country are part of our network. These research groups belong to the most prestigious hospitals and organizations and collaborate with the main international HIV research centers and platforms.


The network has generated new and unique structures in our country: cohorts, biobank, databases... In addition, called "lighthouse projects" reflect our most ambitious research lines.


Our main goal is to produce useful findings for the society. That is the reason why basic and clinical research groups work in close collaboration developing clinical trials, new drugs and vaccines and generating new patents.


We work together with the community and the whole society in order to spread our findings. We are aimed to improve HIV prevention and to contribute to the fight against stigma and discrimination that people living with HIV have to face with.


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