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Programme 6: Teaching

Chair: Félix Gutiérrez
Co-Chair: Pepe Alcamí


Programme 6 is the RIS Teaching Program. It is made up of different activities planned for all the people which are part of the network, especially for those hired through RIS and for young researchers. At this moment, the activities of this program are:

  • Training program in HIV and associated diseases.
  • Annual educational meeting.
  • Exchange program.
  • Online seminars.


RIS training program in HIV and associated diseases

This is a comprehensive training program that aims to provide laboratory technicians, training researchers or pre-doctoral scientists or clinicians working on RIS, to acquire knowledge and skills on fundamental aspects of HIV infection and associated diseases, and provide them basic tools to facilitate research in this field.

This program, organized by RIS, will be implemented by RIS senior investigators and invited researchers, in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández University (UMH). The agreement between UMH and RIS will allow personnel recruited and trained by the network to access a university degree ("Expert in HIV and Associated Diseases").

This program will be biennial with a teaching load of 20 ECTS credits (200 hours). The teaching will be mostly on line and will include videoconferences, forums and on-line seminars through webex. The online teaching load will be completed with an additional annual face-to-face seminar that will take place on a morning and afternoon session.

RIS annual educational meeting

The main objective of the annual RIS meeting is the interaction between researchers from the different programs. For several years the meeting has taken place within the framework of the GeSIDA National conference as a pre-congress activity and its contents are organized around the scientific programs in which RIS is structured. The meeting focuses on selected hot topics with oral presentations and discussion of research activities of the RIS performed by young fellows including those employed by the RIS.

Exchange program

The purpose of this exchange program is to contribute to the training of young researchers integrated in the groups by facilitating mobility for learning specific techniques or participation in collaborative projects with other RIS groups and/or between groups of RIS and external groups. Scholarships are granted for stays of up to 3 months in national or foreign centers for travel expenses and accommodation.

Online RIS seminars

These seminars will take place periodically.  A RIS group will present a project related to the network. The presentation will be followed by streaming by other RIS groups in order to increase the communication of research results among groups. These 15 minutes talks will be recorded for the use by RIS members.