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null Daniel Podzamczer
Hospital Universitario de Bellvitge (Barcelona)
Unidad de HIV y ETS, Servicio de Enfermedades Infecciosas

Professional experience

Daniel Podzamczer

Chief, HIV and STD Unit.

He qualified from the University of Buenos Aires and undertook training in Internal Medicine at Bellvitge University Hospital (Barcelona, Spain). He obtained a PhD degree in 1991 investigating on “predictors of progression to AIDS” (University of Barcelona, Spain). He started to see HIV-infected patients in the first years of the epidemic, that is in the mid of 80’. Thus he has lived very different periods in the history of AIDS. Beginning when AIDS was a fatal disease and patients died every day until now when HIV has become a chronic disease with a prolonged survival and an excellent life quality of patients receiving antiretroviral therapy.

He is currently the head of an HIV and STD Unit within an Infectious Disease Service in a University teaching hospital in Barcelona. In his position he has contributed to clinical research, participating and organizing clinical trials related to opportunistic infections, HIV complications and antiretroviral therapy.

He is a co-author of more than 250 scientific papers published in national and international Journals such as New Engl. J Med, Lancet, Ann Intern Med, Clin. Infect Dis., J Infect Dis., AIDS and JAIDS among others. He has also participated in expert panels for Guidelines for the management of opportunistic infections (NIH/CDC/IDSA), antiretroviral therapy, opportunistic infections and neurocognitive disorders (GESIDA). He is also a peer reviewer for a number of international Journals.