RIS BioBank

The RIS BioBank offers the following services:

  • Samples from different cohorts of HIV+ people:

    • Adults infected with HIV cohort (CoRIS).
    • Rapid progressors cohort.
    • Long Term Non-Progressors cohort (LTNP-RIS).
    • HIV Controller cohort (EC-RIS).
    • Acute/recent infection cohort (PHI-RIS).
    • Vertical transmission cohort (CoRISpe).
    • Hepatitis C (HCV) and HIV Co-infection cohort (HIV-HCV coinfection cohort).


  • Creation and management of new sample collections for the development of research projects and clinical trials.
    • Creation of new collections: This service includes the preparation of the necessary documents for creating the collection.

    • Management of new collections: Collection of samples, processing and preservation of biological material, registration of associated sample information and management of the biological material cession to research projects.

  • Advising on ethical, legal and technical issues related with the employment of human samples in research.


You can download: Summary of the activity and new initiatives of the Biobank 2018 (spanish)



For more information: http://hivhgmbiobank.com/