Organizational structure

Organizational structure

Organizational chart with the organizational structure of the RIS

Steering Committee (CE). The members of this Committee, chaired by the Coordinator of the network, are the RIS Coordinators and the Program Leaders: José Alcamí, David Dalmau, Julia del Amo, Felipe García, Juan González, Félix Gutiérrez, Javier Martínez-Picado, Santiago Moreno, Mª Ángeles Muñoz, Daniel Podzamzcer, Antonio Rivero y Ezequiel Ruiz-Mateos.

The CE is the primary executive and decision-making body of the network. The CE of the RIS meet at least once every three months and have permanent contact by email to continuously monitor the projects and the evolution of the RIS towards the defined objectives. Decisions are adopted by mayority, having the coordinator a casting vote if required. Leaders of the different groups can be invited to the EC for specific issues.

External Scientific Advisory Board. The main role of this Advisory Board is to evaluate the progress of the scientific program of the RIS. The annual meeting is organized through a video conference. The Coordinator provides to the members of the Advisory Board, prior to the meeting, the documents describing the progresses, difficulties and main achievements of the scientific program. The members of this committee, nominated by the EC, are outstanding scientists with relevant experience in immunology and vaccines. The following members of the External Scientific Advisory Board have already agreed to serve as advisors in previous RIS periods and continue with this task:

  • Dr. Fernando Arenzana. Scientific Co-Director, Institute Pasteur of Shangai, China.
  • Dr. Amalio Telenti. J. Craig Venter Institute, San Diego, US.
  • Dr. Pablo Tebas. University of Pennsylvania, US.
  • Dr. Julio Montaner. The University of British Columbia, Canada.
  • Dr. Pedro Cahn. Fundación Huésped, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Dr. Miguel Hernán. Harvard University, Boston, US.